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The 2018 tax filing season opened on 1 July 2018 and will close almost a month earlier on 31 October 2018 (for e-Filing clients). As quick as you can, get the following information to your tax [...]

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  • RT  @FMFSouthAfrica : 1 year ago
  • ✅REMINDER – PAYE submission is due TODAY!✅ Be sure to pay over PAYE to SARS by the 7th (if the 7th falls on a weeke… 1 year ago
  • RT  @TyronneNel : #SME Advice - Dear entrepreneur, whilst it is important that everyone in your organisation takes responsibility for their w… 1 year ago
  • RT  @Moneyweb : Considering the number of vehicles sold in SA each year – 557 000 last year alone – the implications could be huge. https://t… 1 year ago
  • ✅REMINDER – ELECTRONIC VAT SUBMISSION is due TODAY!✅ If your biz is bringing in less than R1 million you CAN volunt… 1 year ago
  • RT  @TyronneNel : #SME Advice - Dear entrepreneur, a clear roadmap with many small achievable goals will give you less stress and funders mor… 1 year ago
  • RT  @TyronneNel : #SME Advice - Dear entrepreneur, sometimes the best course of action is to do....Nothing! 1 year ago
  • RT  @MmatuM2 : #SouthAfrica is full of contradictions. Especially OUR views towards #entrepreneurship. Small businesses create jobs, we say;… 1 year ago
  • RT  @TyronneNel : #SME Advice - Dear entrepreneur, if you’re not building a business that’s competitive in any country, you’re essentially ju… 1 year ago
  • RT  @radix_solutions : The PGA Tour uses the cloud to analyze countless data points and gain insight on every swing, chip, and putt, transfor… 1 year ago
  • RT  @FMFSouthAfrica : 14/17 Government has it well within its means to convert millions of plots across the country to full ownership title a… 1 year ago
  • VAT increased from 14{a5b24bc177e3b5fd424549cb8e5b7ad4d8913485ca6ccdcb93f2b02e4222d62f} to 15{a5b24bc177e3b5fd424549cb8e5b7ad4d8913485ca6ccdcb93f2b02e4222d62f} earlier this year - have you (or WILL you) see an impact on your business? In THEOR… 1 year ago
  • RT  @TyronneNel : #SME Advice - Dear entrepreneur, it’s called “running a business” for a reason! It’s fast paced, you need to keep your wit… 1 year ago
  •  @kulula  Clearly all the pilots are taking advantage as the flights are running late again 😒 1 year ago
  • RT  @TyronneNel : BREAKING NEWS: Due to the continuous late arrivals of  @kulula  flights, they are changing their name to...Kumlater Airlines 😳 1 year ago
  • The word NO is NOT the end of the road, it’s a challenge waiting to be accepted! Dig in, find out WHY you’re getti… 1 year ago
  • RT  @TyronneNel : #SME Advice - It might be late but just remember success doesn’t keep office hours! 1 year ago
  • RT  @TyronneNel : #SME Advice - Dear entrepreneur, employ the most skilled employees you can afford! Poorly skilled staff are worse for your… 1 year ago
  • Is your business idea viable⁉️ Is there anything you can do to improve my idea’s chances of success⁉️ ✅✅YES! Find… 1 year ago
  • Owe money to SARS for inaccurate or non-submissions? SARS has become more "friendly" that will help you come right.… 1 year ago

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Although the majority of entrepreneurs would rather just avoid the hassle of keeping books, it is unfortunately mandatory to do monthly accounting!

Besides the legal obligation to do so, entrepreneurs should be pushing for regular accounting records in order to get insights into their business so they can make better decisions. Phezulu VBO offers a range of accounting solutions to suit any size business, from monthly processing of books right the way through to outsourced financial director.



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